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Japan Tsunami Implications: Fabric Supplies

March 18, 2011

Like most of the world, we’ve been following the events in Japan with bated breath, hoping for the best in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy.

As Japan is a great source of quality cottons, it so happens we have a business interest there. One of our primary fabric suppliers, based in Osaka, has provided us several different fabrics at one point or another, and right now they are supplying our Purist and Coldwater shirts. Unfortunately their business operations were disrupted by the recent events, and as a result we’re unable to restock these fabrics.

We are of course looking into other options, as these two shirts are the staples of most men’s wardrobes. This supplier has provided us with some of the best quality fabrics we’ve seen yet – all are amazingly soft to the touch and vibrant in their colors – so we hope to continue doing business with them. Just as we hope to support the Japanese economy in any way we can. But until we are able to provide our customers with fabric options that are up to our standards, our Purist and Coldwater shirts will be on hold.

We’ll let you know us soon as they’re back (check us on Twitter for updates). Until then, let’s all keep hoping for the best in Japan.


UPDATE: We’re back – and so is our supplier. Our Purist and Coldwater shirts are officially back in our store.

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